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In vveirdo veritas: Astral Headspace, Vol. 9

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Back by popular demand!! (Well, one person asked about it over on Facebook...) The 9th installment of our MP3 blog-comp series. And also the re-upload of everything previous that I could get around to! RapidShare will delete the ones with no activity for a month, so get them while they exist.

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And your newest favorite collection - streamlined from the usual sprawl, but still covering a lotta ground:

In vveirdo veritas: Astral Headspace, Vol. 9

1. "Crom" - The Linus Pauling Quartet (2012)
Going to see these dudes just this afternoon! Got this .mp3 from ye olde Soda Shop.

They also have a great new official video for the great tune "Victory Gin." The LP4 have appeared as: #3 of 2007, #2 of 2003, #9 of 1995, and #14 of 2010.

2. "Waswasa" - Six Organs of Admittance (2012)

I've been digging this album a lot recently. Downloaded from the link at the song title, courtesy of Self-Titled Mag.

Six Organs of Admittance released 2 albums for the #10 of 2009.

3. "Supernal Radionics" - Woodsman (2008)

One of my recent favorite psychedelic jam bands (#2, 2011) - got it from off The Fader

4. "A Swan is Born" - Can (1972/2012)

Very excited to host one of my all-time faves, the kings of Krautrock. One of several .mp3's courtesy of Pitchfork.

Can is already #4 of 1972, #1 of 1973, and #2 of 1974... and we're just getting started! This song is a Lost Tapes prototype for "Sing Swan Song" off Ege Bamyasi (1972).

5. "The Eliminator" - Maserati (2012)
Also from Pitchfork - hear the studio version... Maserati has placed as #2 of 2007, co-#2 of 2009, and #1 of 2010.

Live bootleg of that whole show was linked by band. So call it official!

6. "Sleepwalker" - Moon Duo (2012)
Saw these two at this year's Austin Psych Fest & just a few weeks ago - groovy! Pitchfork MP3.

7. "Psychedelic #9" - Deep Space (2012)

Newish psych-jams from Austin, from Bandcamp at link or check their Soundcloud for more.

8. "Tyken's Rift" - Steve Moore (2012)

Half of Zombi, this one's super-new. Mp3 came off the reliable SteveMoore2600 Soundcloud. Couple more there since this one - keep up!

Alone or with A.E., Moore has been #1 of 2004, #1 of 2006, co-#2 of 2009, #23 of 2010, and #5 of 2011.

9. "The Golden Waste" - Trouble Books & Mark McGuire (2011)

Dreampop-like duo plus 1/3 of Emeralds (#2 of 2010), courtesy of the late Altered Zones, semi-resurrected as

10. "Brute Neighbors" - Moholy-Nagy (2011)

I don't remember too much about these guys, but if Temporary Residence Ltd. vouches for them...

11. "Giger's Locomotive" - High Pink Clouds (2011)
Discovered via this year's SpaceRockCon in Alabama, downloaded from High Pink Clouds' official site.

12. "Demona" [Dead Moon cover] - Grouper (2012)

I've usually liked what I've heard from Grouper, but never end up buying her albums. I think I should, though. Downloaded from Stereogum.

13. "The Story Is Lost" - The Caretaker (2011)

I am definitely glad to have The Caretaker back (he's always been the caretaker). These came from Altered Zones, an unreleased track from An empty bliss beyond this World (#10, 2011).

The Caretaker is famous for being the #1 Drone/Ambient of 2005 and #3 of same, 2009.

14. "One White Candle, No Moon Night" - Starving Weirdos (2009)

That's right: Starving Weirdos. Downloaded from their home website...

15. "How Long Have You Known" - Diiv (2012)
These guys have been getting a lot of love on their album Oshin. O, they're from Brooklyn - got it. À la Pitchfork!

16. "Only in My Dreams" - Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti (2012)
West Coast represent! More Pitchfork.

17. "Sparks Fly Again" - Beachwood Sparks (2012)

Old(ish) school! I thought BWS went back further than '97, but that's what Wiki tells me. Mp3 from same place as that link: the Sub-Pop SoundCloud. Check it out!

18. "Mary Lou" - Black Mountain (2012)

Last one from Pitchfork? This is from their Year Zero surf-movie OST.

Black Mountain was #10 of 2008, and later #17 of 2010. And before that, individual members joined up as co-#8 of 2006.

19. "d|p 1.3" - William Basinski (2003)
From the upcoming Disintegration Loops vinyl mega-box-set on TRL. I am salivating in anticipation...

20. "Christmas Time Is Here" [Vince Guarladi cover]

Nope. This is available from a lot of places, but I believe it was also discovered over at Pitchfork. Brooklyn!

Woods has been on quite a run here recently - #6 of 2010, then #7 of 2011, with a pretty good one out this year too.

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