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Decem per Decem ~
Astral Headspace, Vol. 4

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Fourth in a staggeringly irregular series of free internet music compilations, and this time they all come from Year 2010. Promotional .mp3's are generally getting better in quality and quantity, so I'm pretty happy with this one.

Be sure to download Vol. 1, or Vol. 2, or especially 2009's Vol. 3.

Decem per Decem
Decem per Decem ~ Astral Headspace, Vol. 4 [click for d/l] brings you 27 tunes from RIGHT NOW! Topping the two-hours mark, it might actually be your favorite mixed-bag all year. It's got rock, electonics, metal, some post-rock, some drone, Houston! and Finland!! "Decem" means 10, and yet December is the 12th month - thanks, Caesar! For help on the downloading process, check out the post on how to download .ZIP files (step #3). Where possible, I've linked from band names to somewhere other than Myspace.

Decem per Decem ~ Astral Headspace, Vol. 4 (2010)

1. "Old Fangs" - Black Mountain
- These guys rock, live and on Wilderness Heart. Album and mp3 from the Jagjaguwar label.

2. "We Got The System To Fight The System" - Maserati
- They played this last year at The Mink (#2, Live Show 2009), and it was mind-blowing to me as a new, unheard song. New album and .mp3 from the Temporary Residence Ltd.

3. "A.C.R.O.N.Y.M." - Teeth Of The Sea
- Late arrival from TOTS, going through BBC Radiophonic Dr. Who and beyond. Mp3 was put out by Altered Zones - no perfect place to buy the album... .mp3's at Amazon?

4. "I Was Gone" - Woods
- I seem to be the only one I know who's into Woods. O well, I know best! A good representative song from the new record, maybe not the best one. This .mp3 came off of Stereogum.

5. "The Young People [edit]" - Belbury Poly with Moon Wiring Club
- One part of one song off one installment of the Study Series. Mp3 excerpt downloaded from the great Ghost Box Music label.

6. "Lost It All" - Linus Pauling Quartet
- By kind permission of the band, the lead-off track to their 2010 omnibus frydaddy Horns of Ammon! Buy it physical-style at your finer Houston record stores, or download it right at Amazon.

7. "Orgone Accumulator" - U.S. Christmas
- A Harvestman horror-soundtrack and a Hawkwind tribute (featuring Harvestman) from Neurot Recordings, run by the Harvestman. But this .mp3 (also from Neurot's site) is U.S.X., who did a great job on the 3-way 'Wind tribute.

8. "Momo, The Missouri Monster" - Snailface
- Major action from the #1 Free Internet Album of 2010, get it from the Snailface albums site!

9. "Dead" - White Hills
- Busy year for White Hills. This was the single from their self-titled record on Thrill Jockey Records. And that's where this .mp3 was found.

10. "Clouds Rolling In" - Mark McGuire
- Guitarist for Emeralds, who also had a busy year - both as a group and with side projects. McGuire's solo thing (and this download) was put out from Editions Mego, who also had a fine year.

11. "Inn Ohm the Lake [edit]" - Mordant Music
- A part of a different song off another installment of the Study Series. Series and .mp3-excerpt download from Ghost Box Music.

12. "Rattling Cage" - Forest Swords
- Hauntology, Witch House, or Dronestep? Only you can decide for yourself - just know, it's from The Wirral. I grabbed the .mp3 from Pitchfork's Top 100 Tracks of 2010: #81, in fact!

13. "Beautiful People" – The Books
- A post-modern hymn to mathematics. Both the album and mp3 come from the double-plus-good label Temporary Residence Ltd.

14. "Stress Waves" - Oneohtrix Point Never
15. "Now You See Me" - Emeralds
- Order up a double-shot of krauty synth-drones from 2010 releases on Editions Mego, which also offers promotional .mp3 downloads.

16. "Totally Tubular" - Lovelock
- Lovelock is from Zombi, and "Totally" is from "Tubular" (remixed, totally). From Steve Moore's SoundCloud, which is awesome.

17. "Odessa" - Caribou
- The lead single and probably best one off Swim. Mp3 courtesy of .mp3-mongers Stereogum.

18. "Round and Round" - Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
- Mp3 from Pitchfork's Top 100 Tracks of 2010. Not sure it would be here if it hadn’t been their #1... I've never taken to any of the Ariel Pink that I heard, but this one's the best so far.

19. "Norway" - Beach House
- Baltimore dream-pop on Sub Pop. This .mp3 from Pitchfork's Top 100 Tracks of 2010. 'Twas #16 for them.

20. "Inside Out [edit]" - Broadcast and The Focus Group
- A number of seconds of a third song off the fourth installment of the Study Series. Series and .mp3 both from the studious Ghost Box Music.

21. "The Mercury Drinker" - Zoät-Aon
- Zoät-Aon is apparently no more, so I guess this is one of his last releases. From the Avaruusromua 20th anniversary celebration discussed under the #4 Free Internet Album of 2010. Hopefully we'll hear more from a different project soon.

22. "Mothlight (Part 2)" - Cloudland Canyon
- A new sound from Cloudland Canyon, more hazy yet dense. Another one from Stereogum. Couple more .mp3's newly up at the bandname link.

23. "Pyramid Of The Moon [edit]" - Maserati
- This non-album 12" single and .mp3-edit both from the Temporary Residence Ltd.

24. "Aikoja sitten" - Jussi Lehtisalo
- Lehtisalo is a member of Finnish underground stars Circle. Great solo psych-out from the Avaruusromua thing in the #4 Free Internet Album of 2010.

25. "Death Drive" - Wrnlrd
26. "Percées De Lumière" - Alcest
- A coupla pseudo-neo-Black Metal projects, many thanks to Stereogum!

27. "Light From The Mesa" - Barn Owl
- Arid dronesters take you on an overnight space/desert trip with Ancestral Star, the new one on Thrill Jockey Records. At the end is the dawn. TJ has free .mp3's occasionally, including this one.

Decem per Decem
Bonus cover!

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