Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Psych Be Free!!

"I Hate the Way Things Are" from Ghost Light Constellation (2009)

I've been listening to some free albums by Dead Mellotron, a Dallas psych-rock band. I couldn't remember what blog I'd read about them, but eventually figured out it was on Pitchfork's Forkcast blog, where they were pimpin' a new free preview track.

"Ghost Light Constellation" from Ghost Light Constellation (2009)

"1993" from Dead Mellotron (2010)

Sometimes like more trad shoegaze, sometimes more like the garage-junk psychedelia of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, sometimes something else. I think I prefer the earlier Ghost Light Constellation (2009), to this year's self-titled (2010). It's more diverse and spacier, I think... But you don't have to choose - they're both equally free and downloadable! [Links from their Myspace page...]

"Where Did Everyone Go?" from Dead Mellotron (2010)

What else? They sometimes have a second, female vocalist, which sounds pretty good. O yeah, the new preview track! It's downloadable at Pitchfork, and here it is:

"Dead Lover" from upcoming Suicide EP (2010)

Dead Mellotron

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