Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Three Who Would Dark Ambient

Pretty certain I'm either misusing or misapplying this label at times, but it's too late to stop now. Dark Ambient (to me) is experimental, soundscape, ambient music, coming from a darker place, usually the underside of some rock, music. Sometimes it's noisy, sometimes there's some samples, occasionally even some drums or vocals. But not always... All three of these are side projects, but that's not a pure requirement. Harvestman is one solo thing for Steve von Till of Neurosis, and he walks a mystical druidic guitar path. House of Low Culture is Aaron Turner from Isis, and it tends to be more... modernist, maybe even urban? And finally, Tribes of Neurot is various members of Neurosis together, occasionally with guests, doing non-post-metal avant-noisiness.

"Amongst the Heather"
Harvestman (Idaho)
Lashing the Rye (2005)
Also available: "The Hawk of Achill"

"Another Tragic One: Hands Sold by Poachers"
House of Low Culture (Los Angeles)
Submarine Immersion Techniques, Vol. 1 (2000)
Also available: <live>

"Duality I" [directed by Josh Graham]
Tribes of Neurot (Oakland, CA)
Neurot Recordings I comp/dvd (2004)
Also available: "Metamorphosis"
[from Adaptation and Survival: The Insect Project, 1998]

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