Saturday, July 24, 2010

Catch-Up Grab-Bag Mash-Up Mix-Post

Voice of the Seven Thunders
Like with The Books recently, sometimes I get ahead of myself. Just can't wait to get a preview out for something I don't have yet. (Or I don't have any better ideas for posting.) Back in early March, I hadn't even ordered the Voice of the Seven Thunders album yet when I posted 4 songs from it. Check out that post if you don't recall - those are some prime Side A cuts of guitar squall, folky tenderness, and drone-out bliss. Here's some more from Side B!

"Set Fire to the Forest" from Voice of the Seven Thunders (2010)

"Disappearances" from Voice of the Seven Thunders (2010)

Not sure why the awesome "Dalälven" isn't already there. Even the drone-hippy "Cylinders" has a video! No time now, got more to catch up...

Le voyage
Then in May, I kinda talked about Le voyage (2010) by The Alps (#9 Discovery of 2008). Which I've confirmed is terrific! If you like good music... Follow the former link to the whole album in streaming form. Or if you're too busy for that, here are the first two tracks in "YouTube" form:

"Drop In" from Le voyage (2010)

"Crossing the Sands" from Le voyage (2010)

And you should really, seriously, download the excellent "Summer Trips" Typecast mix, done up by The Alps themselves. Seriously. As I said at the time: "Includes some Agitation Free, Yoko Ono, George Harrison, a couple from Ashra, Japanese psych-rock from both Flower Travelin' Band and Les Rallizes Denudes, a Broadcast track, and an "Unknown Song" from The Pink Floyd..." Get it, for it is righteous!

Perdition Hill Radio
Finally, going all the way back to Drone-uary 2010, I only briefly touched on William Fowler Collins' Perdition Hill Radio (#8, Drone/Ambient of 2009). Nothing against New Mexico, but I continue to find it odd that he's from there. Not even to mention (again) that he cites Black Metal as a key influence on his post-apocalyptic ambience.

"Slow Motion Prayer Circle" from Perdition Hill Radio (2009)

The previous Soundcloud insert is expired - so here it is again:

William Fowler Collins - Perdition Hill Radio

And o yeah, Collins recently did up his own Typecast mix: "Surreal In Springtime." Anything that starts off with Patsy Cline into Lydia Lunch is sure to end up with Butthole Surfers leading into live Jimi Hendrix. You're probably going to pass through Gram Parsons country-rock, suicidal-depressive Black Metal icon Xasthur, and the majesty of Ennio Morricone. Plus, that Chris Watson really knows how to name a tune...

Now, that's how you mix it up!!
1. Patsy Cline "Sweet Dreams"
2. Lydia Lunch "The Drowning"
3. Lefty Frizzell "I Never Go Around Mirrors"
4. Helena Gough "Yolk"
5. The Flying Burrito Brothers "Sin City"
6. Maryanne Amacher "Tower"
7. Chris Watson "Vultures, Nine Birds Feeding On Zebra Carcass, Itong Plains, Kenya"
8. Giacinto Scelsi "Anahit"
9. Xasthur "In The Hate Of Battle"
10. Ennio Morricone "The Man"
11. Butthole Surfers "Whirling Hall Of Knives"
12. Jimi Hendrix "Machine Gun" [live]

Surreal In Springtime

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