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INGNODWETRUST, et cetera... -
GNOD (#3, 2011)

Brief note: For those of you who were fans of the #5 Record of 2010, I just want to re-iterate (from the recent Gnod catch-up) about their free net-label release(s). After downloading, I realized that Gnod plus Fonik's Supercluster parts one and two (2009) includes early live takes on proto-bits of "Run-A-Round" (end of part one) and "Well Hang" (start of part two). Two songs I just happened to make videos for!

After last year's Top 10 collaboration and the Early Days download fest, I was ready to pick up new Gnod as they came out. Over the course of 2011, that meant 6 massive epics over 5 sides of delicious vinyl.

"Vatican" from INGNODWETRUST (2011)

I always incorrectly think of "Vatican" as the A-side for some reason. Maybe I played it backwards the first time, or maybe just because it's a bit more upbeat (and shorter). I've probably said it before, but this really brings back late-'80s memories of Butthole Surfers: the tribal grind, the bullhorn FX, the vocaltronix, the Rembrandt synths.

The Pupilar Dub remix takes it to BHS slow-"Graveyard" territory. And there's a completely different beat-ambient drumz-n-glitch remix as well.

"Tony's First Communion" [part 2] from INGNODWETRUST (2011)

This "Communion" was updated from "Tony's First Disco" for the Catholic theme. A 20-minute bad-trip slow-march through Apocalyptic jungles of noise detritus. I'm virtually positive here's an Ireland 2011 live edition, maybe. If not, same kinda thing.

I forgot to mention when that ROTA interview identified "Tony" as Tony Conrad... that I had always assumed a different Tony's first "Disco" and "Communion": Tony Manero.

Chaudelande Volume 1
I kind of already put all 3 songs from Chaudelande in this blog post - but in case you missed it... Also, Volume 2 (2012) is now available for order.

"Tron" live at Supernormal Festival 2011

I consider this the big Gnod hit of the year - in terms of being seen frequently on podcast mixes and in being a live (YouTube) go-to favorite. Catchy, and rockin'. The studio version is lead-off track on Chaudelande Volume 1 - and here's an Edinburgh 2012 performance.

"Visions of Load" from Chaudelande Volume 1 (2011)

The other song on this side comes even more bite-sized, at under 9 minutes - almost punk rock. That's a peppy electro-drone that's worked over from several directions. One particular audio artifact I really dig sounds somewhat like a SONAR ping. It pops up a few times, occasionally stretched out slower. I like that sound.

The side-long closer's title "The Vertical Dead" reminds me of zombies, so it seems appropriate to be a crawling nightmare freak-out, even after a muted rhythm sneaks in after about half of its 17-minutes.

A Middle Sex split
I'd finally about given up on being able to present any of the split-LP with A Middle Sex, then I found the label's Bandcamp. Thanks much, Blackest Rainbow!

This song name always (always) makes me think of Faust's "Why Don't You Eat Carrots?" The actual music goes back to what I consider "middle-period" Gnod - quiet, subdued drone but still very weird, with lots of minor details shifting through.

I don't really know A Middle Sex, but they hold up their end of the split-12" bargain. "Polytheism" breaks down into a few distinct sections with mostly jarring transitions, and each piece sounds worthy. Not sure whether or how they fit together, but maybe that's the point.

Gnod - The Long And Short Of It (Sample) by clrrd

And I missed the super-limited (50) cassette release, The Long and Short of It (2011) - on Colour Ride. But it never hurts to hear a couple minutes of bonus GNOD!

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