Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Video Quilt

Quilt are from Boston. They are folky and can sing really well, nice tunes too.

"Young Gold" from Quilt (2011)

We're preeeee-tty... pret-tay mellow!!

"Penobska Oakwalk" from Quilt (2011)

I was kind of surprised by no official single/video status for that one. Seems even more natural than the previous song. Maybe because this one was on an earlier, smaller-scale release? Speaking of earlier, here's some local web-coverage from wayback when.

"Cowboys in the Void" from Quilt (2011)

Along with that tune... those are the ones with free MP3's floating around. Read a more recent article over at The Fader. Here's another nice song: "Utopian Canyon."

Label: Mexican Summer. But earlier cassette was on Burger Records.

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