Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Austin Psych Fest Daily Video Jukebox

New feature!! We've already had an APF5 mega-post, when the original line-up was announced.

From here until the festival, in addition to other ongoing posts, I'm (usually) going to put up something from one band per day - a couple songs/videos, maybe a cool album cover/art, possibly some other stuff. But not too much, just what can be accomplished pretty quick...

"For So Long" from Dos (2009)

First up: Wooden Shjips! Droney psych-outs from San Francisco. A band I considered going to see open for The Black Angels in Austin on this past NYE - didn't happen. When I first gave them a listen, I wasn't blown away, but later I really dug a different song on a Mojo Syd comp. More recently, I've been enjoying the most recent album West (2011) on the great Thrill Jockey.

"Flight" from West (2011)

I've already featured the "Lazy Bones" and "Black Smoke Rise" videos, so there's something more laid back and extended.

NYCtaper has a few Shjips live shows up - Nov 10 2011, Sep 6 2010, and Oct 31 2009.

There's the cover of the now sold-out, limited-edition Remixes 12" (2012). There's definitely more to say, but I'm keepin' it brief!

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