Saturday, March 31, 2012

Woods Family Jams

Woods is of course terrific. Initially discovered on an Austin road trip to see Dungen, for whom they opened (#4 Live Show, 2009). They have since hit my top 10 albums twice! #6 in 2010, and #7 last year.

"To Clean" from Songs of Shame (2009)

This 7.9 review from Pitchfork is worth quoting for the close parallels to my experience:
When I first caught on to Woods with 2009's Songs of Shame, ... [it] was immediately enjoyable, as it spun together strands of folk-rock, ramshackle indie, and sunshine pop into something that felt handmade and fresh. But listening to it, I didn't peg Woods as the kind of band that would keep turning out remarkably well-realized and consistent albums on a yearly basis... Two years and two full-lengths later, "consistent album band" describes Woods very well.

"Any Other Day" from Sun and Shade (2011)

That review was for the newest one, which is a superb record. Even though I've only seen them the one time, I'm pretty sure they're still a quality live act. After all, they might be the NYCtaper mainstays - with recordings from 8/13/2011, 7/13/2011, 2/4/2011, 6/25/2010, 5/13/2010, 3/12/2010, 6/15/2009, and 2/6/2009. So I've been able to keep up.

Woods is also playing Houston the weekend of Austin Psych Fest - Sunday, 4/29, at Rudyard's. With MMOSS even!

"Death Rattles" from At Echo Lake (2010)

So for the live show, I'm expecting the usual great extended jammed-out version of "I Was Gone." And I'm also hoping to catch a "Military Madness," which is a Graham Nash cover. From the way the daily fest line-ups are listed, it looks like they'll be towards the end of Saturday night, but before Pink Mountaintops, The Telescopes, Olivia Tremor Control, and The Black Lips - although some of those might be on the Beauty Bar stage (or maybe Woods is).

Jeremy Earl Showpaper
Check it out... Woodsist Festival 2012 (in Big Sur, CA) will feature several Austin Psych 5 alumni - plus Michael Hurley!

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