Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Austin Psych Line-Up (Round 2)

First you got the original APF5 mega-post. Then we started the daily jukebox - now under the new Austin Psych Fest tag. And just today they came out with more Austin Psych Fest acts, and each day's line-up (although not full schedules). Whooo!

The already-revealed (and awesome) news that the Meat Puppets will be playing has been covered here. They opened up the #2 Live Shows of 2010. In related news... I'm gonna dump a bunch of videos for the newly-annouced artists. GO!!

"Meat Step Lively" by Thee Oh Sees, from Help (2009)

The #10 Live Show of 2009.

"Summer Of All Dead Souls" from Tao of the Dead (2011)

... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead will be playing selections from Pink Floyd's Meddle (1971). Sweet psych album!

"Starvation" from Power Plant (1968)

The Golden Dawn are slated to play their 1968 album Power Plant! Texas psych classics from the 1960s.

"Silence on a Crowded Train" by The Entrance Band, from Prayer of Death (2008)

Love that song/video! I think I've posted it like 3 or 4 times already. Entrance were the major out-of-the-blue pleasant suprise from the 2nd Free Press Summer Fest (#8, 2010).

"Here We Go" by The Asteroid #4, from An Amazing Dream (2006)

Closely edged out of the inaugural Top 10 list at the last minute.

"Giving It All Away" by Dead Confederate, from Sugar, Sugar (2010)

From Athens, GA...

"Caught Crow" by Blue Angel Lounge, from Narcotica (2010)

Germans who have worked with Anton from BJTM.

"Cadillac" by The Vacant Lots, from "Confusion" single (2011)

"Godman" by Singapore Sling, from Perversity, Desperation & Death (2010)


"Darker than Black" by Wall of Death

Paris. This was a much more international announcement than expected.

"Early Morning" by Feathers, from Hunter's Moon (2011)

This Feathers is from Brisbane - not 100% that it will be the same Feathers.

"Millennium Crux" by New Fumes, from Bump and Assassination (2011)

"Big Mother" by Feeding People, from Peace, Victory & The Devil (2011)

"Let Me Know" by The Paperhead, from The Paperhead (2011)

Brooklyn Raga Association - Live at Zebulon Cafe - March 29, 2011 from Northern Spy Records on Vimeo.

"Where Nothing Begins" by Ancient River, from Let It Live (2012)

"Constant Waves" by The Ripe, from Into Your Ears (2012)

"Strange Transmission" by Strangers Family Band, from Strangers Family Band EP (2009)

"Shadows on Behalf" by The Stepkids, from The Stepkids (2011)

Holy Wave, live at The Mohawk - Austin, TX - 06/28/2011

"If I Stay Too Long" by Al Lover, from Distorted Reverberations (of Reverberating Distortion): Psychedelic Reinterpretations of Contemporary Rock 'n Roll (2011)

"Wait for Us" by Mind Spiders, from Meltdown (2012)

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