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The Story So Far: GNOD #3

Real quick, before we get into the glorious history of Gnod (as I know it).

Upcoming/recent releases per INGNODWETRUST tumblr: Chaudelande Volume 2 (2012), out now on Tamed Records!! Apparently there will also be a future CD edition(s) from the great Rocket Recordings.

Also soon... a split with $hit & $hine - for Rocket's Collisions, v.3 (2012). This follows v.1 (2009, The Heads/White Hills) and v.2 (2011, Oneida/Mugstar).

The Somnambulist's Tale
Less recently, you can get one of last year's tunes on a Committee to Keep Music Evil festive mix (2011) - so please do so! And then year before last, Gnod was the co-#5, 2010. Awesome.

You really shoulda moved on the dump of Early Days material, including the more recent 2009 self-titled LP. Sadly, that was Megaupload (RIP)... maybe someone(s) mirrored these downloads elsewhere?
2007 - Abstehen Der Ohren & Live Birth
2007 - Lord Fear’s Dream, Bulletproof Awareness & Pixiedust
2007 - Never Nothing Ever (Volume III) [self-released]
2008 - The Somnambulist’s Tale (s-sided C100) [sloow tapes]
2008 - Aquarian Downer (White Hills tour cdr)
2009 - Bong Split (cdr) [box records]
2009 - Gnod (lp) [pariah child]
2009 - Sex, Drones & Broken Bones

However, I just yesterday discovered two free Gnod-related netlabel releases. First is Supercluster, parts one and two (2009), from Gnod plus Fonik. Second is the Galaxy Being EP (2010), by Gnod vs Noise Research. Oops, one more: exclusive Gnod track "Energy" is on same label's The Adjacent Sector comp (2010). That's a lotta news!

Galaxy Being EP
GNOD has done a lot of stuff - from super-avant pseudo-improv art-jamming in the early days, to almost electro-acoustical ambient pieces in the middle times, to more noise-psych freak-outs most recently. After the future, but before the past, let's look at where we (they) have been.

Plus, check out this Revolt of the Apes article.

"The Epidural" & "The Crowning" from Abstehen Der Ohren & Live Birth (2007)

As near I can tell, the 1st three (2007) were all CDr and/or cassette self-releases. They sound like mostly live or home recordings (sprawling lo-fi jams), but worth checking out if you can locate them. That first track made it onto our blog MP3 comp #6.

"Sonic Delights of the Earth Inferno" from Lord Fear's Dream, Bulletproof Awareness & Pixiedust (2007)

Volume III: Never Nothing Ever,... has a 30-minute 2007 live version of "Zeitgeist!" Also, a High Flying Lo-Fi Home Recording version of "24 Minutes Over Manchester," which I think might be "Live Birth: Umbilical Tension > The Epidural > The Crowning" from Volume I. Hard to tell...

The Somnambulist's Tale (edit 2) by GNOD

"The Somnambulist's Tale" was a 50-minute side of a ltd-ed (90 copies) c100 cassette from Sloow Tapes, where you can read a description at least. Find another edit and some other tuneage at GNOD's SoundCloud. (Although many of their previously-posted live recordings have been removed...)

"Abstehen, Pts. 1 & 2 " from split-CDr with Bong (2009)

One of these days I'm going to videoize "Subordinate Contact" from the first White Hills collaboration, Aquarian Downer (2009) - but that day is not today.

Gnod are not afraid to recycle, and that video's tune shows up quite a bit. Obviously on Abstehen Der Ohren & Live Birth, but also as "Untitled I" on the self-titled LP (2009). Which includes this track as well...

"Untitled II" from GNOD (2009)

GNOD being the least-inspired album title (as all self-titled names are), I'd go with Sex, Drones & Broken Bones (or secret pathways to hidden lands) as the most. That 2009 CDr contains the tune "Pathway" and some other quality mellower material. Gnod has gotten much noisier of late.

"Off Somewhere in a Dinghy" from Wuste Zeremonie (2009)

You never know what's going to be documented on the cyber-highways. Nothing at all for Aquarian Downer, but 2/3 of this CDr - along with "Thunderbolt Loop" (on MySpace). I haven't found this one yet.

"Tony's First Disco (live)" [part 2] at WERKKAMP, 07/24/2010

The Crystal Pagoda (2009) was released on cassette by Expo 70's Sonic Meditations label. Title track for side A, "Tony's First Disco" on the B. Tony will later have his "First Communion" released in 2011. Before that Revolts of the Apes interview (way up top), I'd never known that "The Crystal Pagoda" was an alternate soundtrack for a crazy film (which I kinda suspect "They Live" might also be)... and that "Tony" somehow comes from Tony Conrad + Faust + Outside the Dream Syndicate. Info!

Science & Industry

Big Chief by GNOD

As with most cassette-only releases, I totally missed Science & Industry (2010). Side A was amusingly named "Deadbeat Disco In Paper Error Shocker!" Side B is right there up above this here.

That's already a lot of music, not even touching on the middle White Hills collaboration Drop Out I (2009), the Robedoor split-7" (2010), and the mysterious possibly-later-period CDr Three Sticks a Penny (????)... plus whatever else. Let's wrap it up!

High Wolf with Gnod - Live by Rocket Recordings

According to the track description: "Live collaboration between members of HIGH WOLF & GNOD. Teeth of the Sea 'Your Mercury' Album launch night at The Lexington, London, 22/11/10." (I believe that's Nov 22 in UK-dating.) Wish I'd been there - wish I could download.

So... two Gnod partners at two straight Austin Psych Fests? What might 2013 hold in store??

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