Monday, March 19, 2012

Missing in the Wood-land

I have been trying to find some way to access the Installation release of Home (2008), the debut album by Wood-land (#5, Drone-Ambient 2009). Of course I already have the Home (Rebuilt) (2009) free download album of remixes, but I've never been able to get all of the original.

"Great Halls of Terror" by Wood-land and Shinobu Nemoto, from Prophetic Dream Stage (2011)

So naturally I find something I wasn't even looking for. The Prophetic Dream Stage CDr (with Shinobu Nemoto), limited to 50 copies! It covers similar ambient-psych ground as Stone Circle (2009), which I definitely loved. I'd normally say start with that one, but c'mon... 50 copies?

After the Leyland Caretaker piano-drift of opener "Man's Manipulation," most of the tunes feature either some variation of the wind-on-microphone noise-drone backdrop or some kind of wall-of-electronics howl. And then the closer "Good Night Confusion" caps it off with hesitant guitar distortion lapping at the shores of The Void. Two tracks feature guest contributions from Wood-land co-conspirators Brian Grainger and PAN.

Prophetic Dream Stage
According to Maglog.JP (via my interpretation of Google Translate & Yahoo! Babelfish):
"Prophetic Dream Stage," a collaboration with WOOD-LAND, was released by moufu-rokuon. Regrettably, the planned release on Attack9 was canceled, so "Prophetic Dream Stage" was released from moufu-rokuon. The contents are dark. There was a limit to the number of songs because Attack9 was an LP release. However, the moufu-rokuon release is a CD version of the nine songs. Why was the Attack9 release canceled? While recording this album, our collaborators WOOD-LAND were sick to death with personal problems. Just before the release of this album, he said, "I have cursed all the people in making this album. Now I have escaped from such resentment. This album will make listeners unhappy... Please destroy it." I did not agree to this course. It was supposed to be, and is released from moufu-rokuon. This album is great. Where else have you heard this kind of sound?

You can still order from Moufu-Rokuon, US$12 / JPyen1200 [shipping included]. And you can also (right-click Save As...) download 90-second clips of each track from there.

"It Was a Tragedy of Microscopic Proportions" by Summons of Shining Ruins, from On the Beach (2011)

I was sent a free copy of Summons of Shining Ruins' On the Beach (2011) with my order. Including that one... I believe that's just another Shinobu Nemoto identity.

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