Friday, December 2, 2011

At Echo Lake - Woods (#6, 2010)

Exho Lake backAfter the mega-video-dump of Gnod + White Hills (#5), I'll direct you to the original At Echo Lake post rather than rehash. It covers different songs, mostly from the early part of the record. They're awesome, check 'em out! And now for something moderately different.

"Time Fading Lines" by Woods, from At Echo Lake (2010)

Great album from Woods! Good tunes, nice playing, just enough noisiness to give it an edge, and a high level of quality through the whole thing. Faint praise? Maybe, but if I had to guess I probably listened to this album the whole way through, the 2nd most in 2010 - 3rd most maybe. It just seemed to catch me at the right time, and continued to hold up really well.

Woods I Was Gone by INDIELANDMAG

A definite live highlight, "I Was Gone" [one version] shows up later in the album. One of the advantages with Woods fandom is a pretty sweet live gig (opener #4 Live Show 2009). And bootlegs!!

Check out NYCtaper:
8/13/2011 - Bowery Ballroom
6/17/2011 - St. Cecilia’s Roman Catholic Church
2/4/2011 - Monster Island Basement
6/25/2010 - Music Hall of Williamsburg
5/13/2010 - Abrons Arts Center
3/12/2010 - Music Hall of Williamsburg
7/15/2009 - Bowery Ballroom
2/6/2009 - Market Hotel

"Mornin' Time" by Woods, from At Echo Lake (2010)

Eugene Chadbourne-worthy rake-style freak-out coda there towards the back end.

"From the Horn" by Woods, from At Echo Lake (2010)

Amidst the drones, the electro-Kraut, the space-rock, the ambient mash-up experiments, the psych and the post-rock, this was an album of laid-back, somewhat catchy, tuneful songs, done really well. And sometimes, that's more than enough.

Now I can finally concentrate on the new one!

At Echo Lake

Genre - Folky Psych-Pop
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Location - Brooklyn, NY

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