Thursday, March 1, 2012

Black Surf Mountain Movie

With Pink Mountaintops (co-#8, 2006) at the upcoming Austin Psych Fest, I'm kinda hoping for a March announcement of Black Mountain (#10, 2008) too. Any news? Not yet...

0000 from Globe Surf on Vimeo.

But in the meantime, they'll have a new soundtrack album out soon, Year Zero (2012). And it's a 16mm post-apocalypse surf movie!

"Mary Lou" by Black Mountain, from Year Zero OST (2012)

About half the soundtrack consists of older tunes - like "Wilderness Heart", "Tyrants", and "Modern Music." First new track is up at Pitchfork and immediately above. Epic!

"Breathe" by Black Mountain, from Year Zero OST (2012)

Since the intriguing-sounding opener "Phosphorescent Waves" isn't around yet, there's the final cut. You can read more, download the MP3, and pre-order LP (eventually) at Jagjaguwar Records.

Globe's Year Zero (0000) Final Trailer from Globe Surf on Vimeo.

You might also check out the film's website - looks fairly trippy. And it appears the DVD is already available too.

Surf's up!

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