Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Video Eye of the Psychic Ills

I just realized that I don't really know anything about NYC's Psychic Ills. I used to know that they made moody lava-lamp-shaped droneworks. But anymore, I just don't know... Well, I do know they're playing Austin Psych Fest just shy of 1 month from now!

"Mind Daze" from Hazed Dream (2011)

Last album (probably) came out on the ever-intriguing Sacred Bones Records. A little more rock than I remember from back when... which probably benefits the live show. Like on this 10/31/2011 NYCtaper recording.

"Mantis" from Mirror Eye (2009)

This particular drone will forevermore remind me of the uncalled-for 1.4 review that Pitchfork threw down. That's also how I discovered White Rainbow (#2, Drone/Ambient 2009)! Story also relates to the overall #10 Release of 2009.

"Eyes Closed" from Mirror Eye (2009)

I think I like the old-school style a bit more.

Psychic Ills
So then I thought to myself: "Self, Revolt of the Apes has become your new Altered Zones. Wonder if they have a Psychic Ills post you could link to. I wonder... I wonder..."

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