Monday, March 26, 2012

La-La-La d'Allah-Las

I don't know much about the Allah-Las. '60s garage stylings from Los Angeles, California.

Catamaran from Allah Las on Vimeo.

That's the A-side of the only physical release to my knowledge: a 7" single from last year (2011). Available via Bandcamp or from the label.

"Long Journey" - b-side of 7" (2011)

That's the B-side. The band's official website is just running a Tumblr nowadays. But some pretty killer songs (Love, Popol Vuh) posted there.

"Don’t Wanna Hear No More" by The Allah-Las

There's a demo on MySpace, but I don't really know... Uhhh, here's a recent interview. Sorry, but I'm outta info and gotta run.

There's apparently going to be an upcoming video for "Tell Me What’s On Your Mind" - so be on the lookout!

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