Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Video High Wolf

I'm counting the days to Austin Psych Fest 2012 with daily posts on various artists who are listed to perform. High Wolf, one guy from France, makes with the drones.

"Fuji Descent" from Atlas Nation (2011)

Because of Austin Psych Fest, I have discovered High Wolf. And he's now nearing the top of my To See list. I like this kind of stuff, kinda like White Rainbow as far as I can tell. Hypnotic trance-inducing repetition with endless variation.

Read an interview.... Have a mixtape.

"Diego" from Ascension (2010)

Tribal spirit rhythms sometimes make the show. I'm very curious to see what the live set-up will be, how improvised vs. automated the sonic processes become. How it will sound.

Shangri L.A
That one's called Shangri L.A (2010). From what I can tell, cassettes and CDr's come out constantly, from all over the place. I'm gonna research what to buy when I get there.

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