Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sun Araw Explosion

Cameron Stallones, the guitarist for Magic Lantern (#41, 2010), does his own thing as Sun Araw. It involves expansive guitar and misc workouts over beds of dense, looped dub tectonics.

Sun Ark
Can't totally get a bead on him - my opinion on some material can vary from mildly interesting to totally awesome. And on some others, I can go from not my thing all the way to mild irritation.

"Deep Cover" from On Patrol (2010)

That's the official one, but I also love this other video made for it! I think I'd probably start with On Patrol, containing that one and "Beat Cop" and "High Slide." The Quietus did this interview around that time.

AT DELPHI - SUN ARAW from Daniel Brantley on Vimeo.

That's from the most recent full release Ancient Romans (2011), barring a few minor self-cassettes - or anything that I've missed. There's also an official, Stallones-directed video from "Impluvium." But it's kinda weird.

Beach Head
Just a couple more, I think...

"Horse Steppin'" from Beach Head (2008)

That and "Last Chants" (from Off Duty, 2010) are on the mellow end of the spectrum.

Boat Trip
Lots and lots of labels have put out Sun Araw, but I'll just pick Drag City for being most recent. You can also sometimes find cassettes and other stuff on his official website.

Houston Abstros
Oh, one more thing - gotta represent Houston. Fairly recent 7" with some Teenage Fanclub cover, among probably something else...

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