Friday, March 23, 2012

Night Beats Jukebox

The Night Beats, Texans in Seattle playing in the classic Texas garage-psych style.

"H-Bomb" from H-Bomb EP (2010)

So good they named their debut EP after it!

"They Came In Through the Window" from H-Bomb EP (2010)

Ceci n'est pas une Austinist interview (before APF3)...

"A Night with Nefertiti" from split-10" (2011)

That one's from Night Beats' split with UFO Club out on the Reverberation Appreciation Society (Psych Fest-related label).

"Ain't Dumbo" from Night Beats (2011)

I also found this psych comp, which looks pretty sweet! You can download some of the tracks, including The Night Beats', from SoundCloud.

Night Beats
Self-titled and H-Bomb EP both available from Trouble in Mind records.

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