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Your Mercury - Teeth of the Sea (#10, 2010)

This is why you don't publish a Year-End list at the beginning of December! (Among other late releases...)
[which also applies to 2011.]

"A.C.R.O.N.Y.M." by Teeth of the Sea, from Your Mercury (2010)

On its own, Hypnoticon would have probably been in the 20's or 30's. But then I caught word of an all-new full-length album, and it had already been released! In the newest issue of Mojo (Freddie Mercury cover), they have an article on Teeth of the Sea (not the 4-star review of Your Mercury). Influences referred to are: Hawkwind's Space Ritual (#4, 1973), Sleep's Holy Mountain (1992), and Monster Magnet's Spine of God (also 1992)... "Krautrock, Kosmische music, spaghetti western soundtracks, pompous Euro-prog" (per Julian Cope), The Cramps, Steve Reich, Queen's soundtrack to Flash Gordon (!!!), "Iain Sinclair / Alan Moore psychogeography," Sunn O))), Heldon, Bongwater (#4, 1988). But then makes the important point that "their singular wisdom is never to copy their heroes." Right.

"Hypnoticon Viva" [live, 11/22/2010] by TOTS, from Hypnoticon EP (2010)

The Hypnoticon EP is good. You have one tune arising from their Flash Gordon (1980) OST concert, a somewhat non-descript TOTS jam-out, and "The Island Is" – a much longer psychedelic guitar ambient exploration. It kind of made me think TOTS was settling down a bit.

"The Ambassador" by Teeth of the Sea, from Your Mercury (2010)

Your Mercury totally reverses course. After an intro track, "The Ambassador" explodes in a guitar feedback noisefest – and from there, it's electronic drones, guitar freak-outs, the occasional trumpet, some interludes, some epics... basically, everything you (or maybe I) want in an album.

"You're Mercury" [live, 11/22/2010] by TOTS, from Your Mercury (2010)

I just recently made the Mercury/Freddie connection too...

O yeah! Check out the Rough Trade bonus disc (which I didn't know about) - and get it here for free!!
HOWARD SHORE - "Welcome To Videodrome"
SLAUGHTER - "Tales Of The Macabre"
MICK FARREN - "Carnivorous Circus Part 1"
MOONDOG - "Bug On A Floating Leaf"
JOHN GIORNO - "Vajra Kisses"
NEON JUDGEMENT - "Fashion Party"
FANFARE CIOCARLIA - "Hora Cu Strigaturii"
PROSTHETIC CUNT - "Dog Got Knocked The Fuck Out"
THE MUMMIES - "You Must Fight To Live On The Planet Of The Apes"
THE SCREAMERS - "122 Hours Of Fear"
UMBERTO - "Red Dawn"
XELA - "Halloween"
SUN RA - "Astro Black"
RZA - "Love Jones"
MICHAEL BUNDT - "Tropic Of Night Frost"
NICO - "Evening Of Light"
Good stuff.

On a related note, Can't let go without mentioning that Teeth of the Sea were responsible for the #4 Free Internet Mixes of 2010.

Your Mercury

Genre - Soundtrack Jazz and Noise Ambience
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Location - North London, England

Review - The BBC
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