Monday, March 5, 2012

Dom Keller Vinylence

Get ready for a steady stream of vinyl split releases from The Cult of Dom Keller (#15, 2011)!

Dom Keller split-7
In this corner, hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan...

"Painted Skulls" by CODK, from upcoming split-7" (2012)

You can already pre-order the split-7" with Shooting Guns - release is March 21st! Purchase includes digital download as well.

Shooting Guns - "Down and Out in Detroit" by Leaning Trees Records

Aw, yeah... almost didn't find the other side. But there it is. Shooting Guns probably related to the Leaning Trees label, as they are also from Saskatoon. Listen to other releases, in case they also interest you when ordering.

"Swamp Heron Blues" by CODK, from upcoming split-7" (2012)

Next stop: Virginia, USA... Keep watching at Custom Made Music to order the temporarily-delayed Cult of Dom Keller split-7" with Last Remaining Pinnacle.

"They Are Lost" by Last Remaining Pinnacle, from upcoming split-7" (2012)

That's actually the B-side there. I believe non-CODK band is again related to label (by location) - read more & download here.

And here's what a Last Remaining Pinnacle mixtape would look like.

The Vacant Lots
Finally, if The Vacant Lots' tumblr is to be believed, they'll have a Cult of Dom Keller split-10" out on April 24th - via the Austin Psych Fest-related Reverberation Appreciation Society label!

Last two not yet available at the moment, so check back frequently.

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