Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Indian Jewelry in the Jukebox

Indian Jewelry - local avant-supergroup - returns for a 2nd consecutive appearance at APF5!

"Guns" from Sufi Headbanger (2012)

Forthcoming?! Who knows? Maybe here, one day, audio record or video disk... Go he ahead, have another.

"Swans" from Free Gold (2008)

Since the user-montaged The Man Who Would Be King video for "Overdrive" has been scrubbed (a common issue), here's another official vid. That tune was on the last blog comp, but apparently RapidShare will now begin causing issues. Need a new home!

"Look Alive" from Totaled (2010)

After John Frankenheimer's Seconds (1966). Whoo!!

"Lapis Lazuli" from Totaled (2010)

Spooky action. Because they're hometown heroes, I'm not sure I'll be able to restrain myself.

Indian Jewelry Oceans

"Oceans" from Totaled (2010)

Galveston is close. There is sand, and very gray water. And papier-mâché!

"SOSOS" from We Are the Wild Beast (2008)

Old-school art-video style, check. Flying V, check. Stroboscopic!

"Excessive Moonlight" from Totaled (2010)

Houston footage overload.

Sufi Headbanger??
There's the band's website. And their SoundCloud (with maybe more Sufi Headbanger). And finally some label action!

O yeah, and their whole YouTube channel.

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