Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pill Party in Time & Space

One of the highlights of the Astral Headspace is back. The Time & Space Machine! (#6, 2009)! 1/2 of Beyond the Wizards Sleeve!! (#1, 2008)!!

Pill Party in India
New 12" single is "Pill Party in India," with 2 remixes... It's a trip, and you can bug out to it. Now.

"Pill Party in India" by The Time & Space Machine (2012)

Original mix-wise in the TTASM style.

All versions are on the YouTube, the SoundCloud, and all over the InterNets. Physical release apparently on the 6ixth. Psychemagik remix has some hard stereo-panning and wavygravy-FX 4-on-the-floor. Plus la cowbell, plus c'est la même chose.

Mojo Filter remix might be a reference to The Beatles. Indirectly, I'm sure - but really it's this guy.

The only place I've seen it for sale is at Boomkat (digital soon). Maybe also soon at Tirk Recordings?

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