Thursday, March 15, 2012

Party of the Bombino

Probably the biggest surprise of Austin Psych Fest 2012, and in some ways the most intriguing: (Group) Bombino.

Bombino himself is a Tuareg guitarist. Tinariwen was the first - I think - to bring attention to this Saharan strain of contemporary guitar party music (Rai). Then I heard about Group Inerane, possibly Libyan rebel camp entertainers...

"Assalam Felawan (Peace To You) " > "Adounia (Life)" from Agadez (2011)

Now Bombino - and this guy can really play...

"Tar Hani (My Love)" from Agadez (2011)

Play in Austin next month! Really nice, right? Last year's album came out on Cumbancha Records. And also here's a movie with some connections.

"Tenere" from Guitars From Agadez, Vol. 2 (2009)

I have Group Inerane's Vol. 1 (2007) from a Sublime Frequencies spree, but never caught the follow-up with Group Bombino. It sounds at least as good - to me.

Bombino Concert - Agadez, Niger

Just added the "Jamming" tag to this post.

I thought it was a big step when 2 British acts played last year, but Agadez??

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