Sunday, March 25, 2012

MMOSS Growing Video

I learned that MMOSS are from New Hampshire from reading this
Revolt of the Apes interview. They and their buddies, Quilt, will be playing at the upcoming Austin Psych Fest 5.

Additional artists and complete schedule expected in a matter of days!

"Wander" from Bandcamp single (2011)

I think that's the most recent thing showing on the MMOSS Bandcamp. No, wait... "Another Day" was a couple months later.

"Grow Down" from i (2010)

That's the first real song on their first real full length. Then comes "Woolgathering," which I think was the first thing I'd heard from them. Another, more droney tune is called "...And I Do Set My Bow in the Clouds."

They seem more garage-y live, as on this performance of "Hedge Creeper."

They also have their own Tumblr too. You can name-your-prices at Bandcamp, or buy something physical!

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