Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jukebox O' Thee Oh Sees

Coming to Austin Psych Fest 5: Thee Oh Sees are from San Francisco, and the main singer had been in Coachwhips (who were noisy punx). Sometimes they're still a little noisy & sometimes prettier. The songs don't come off as especially druggy, but the people sure do!

"Contraption/Soul Desert" [live] from Carrion Crawler/The Dream (2011)

That's live at Seattle's KEXP, and you can actually download the MP3 here. Second part is a CAN cover - so bonus points!

"I Need Seed" from Castlemania (2010)

A lil' more jaunty there's.

"Gilded Cunt" from Thee Hounds of Foggy Notion DVD (2008)

That's the LP/DVD combo that I got at the #10 Live Show of 2009. I like it.

Thee Oh Sees
Some free music at Free Music Archive.

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