Monday, March 12, 2012

Psych Quest for Fest Fire

Quest for Fire are Canadian. I know this because the only background beyond liking all of their music that I've ever heard is that someone once worked as a roadie for Black Mountain (#10, 2008).

"The Greatest Hits by God" from Lights from Paradise (2010)

Just a great heavy sound that plays it easy - rocking, but not mercilessly so. Another band I'm fully amped to finally catch live.

"I've Been Trying to Leave" from Quest for Fire (2008)

Both albums available (at good prices) from Tee Pee Records.

I did find some new info about QFF, though. According to Wikipedia, the song featured in the Austin Psych Fest mega-post ("Set Out Alone")... "reached #1 on CBC Radio 3's The R3-30 charts the week of November 13, 2010." Wow.

Lights from Paradise
Love that cover art!!

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