Thursday, January 19, 2012

Austin Psych Fest 5

The majority of the Austin Psych Fest 2012 line-up has been announced. Last year's fest was my #4 Live Show of 2011, and this one has the potential to be even better. Although we did get two all-new Top 20 artists from the experience: Woodsman (#2) and The Cult of Dom Keller (#15).

There's even an OFFICIAL mixtape for download on BandCamp!

austinPSYCH mixTAPE
A little more elaborate line-up run-down that the link-list I did for last year's, but still "in order of my psychedness or interest in exploring."

Brian Jonestown Massacre: "Vacuum Boots" (1996, live)

Woods: "Blood Dries Darker" (2010, live)

Wooden Shjips: "Black Smoke Rise" (2011, live)

Quest for Fire: "Set Out Alone" (2010, live)

Pink Mountaintops: "I (Fuck) Mountains" (2004, live)

Dissapears: "Superstition" (2011, live)

Peaking Lights: "Tiger Eyes (Laid Back)" (2011, live)

Moon Duo: "Mazes" (2011, live)

The Black Angels: "Science Killer" (2008, live)

The Black Lips: "New Direction" (2011, live)

Amen Dunes: "Christopher" (2011, live)

Sun Araw: "Deep Cover" (2010, live)

Bombino: "Adounia (Life)" from Agadez (2011)

High Wolf: "Free Your Energy Field" (2011, live with GNOD)

Night Beats: "Puppet on a String" (2011, live APF4)

Dead Meadow: "That Old Temple" (2010, live)

Indian Jewelry: "Temporary Famine Ship" from Free Gold (2008)

Cosmonauts: "Flower Bomb" (2011)
Sleep ∞ Over: "Casual Diamond" (2011)
Pure X: "Easy" (2011)
Spindrift: "Red Reflection" (2011)
The Telescopes: "The Perfect Needle" (1989)
Prince Rama: "Om Namo Shivaya" (2010)
Psychic Ills: "Mantis" (2009)
Federale: "The Hanging" (2009)
Olivia Tremor Control: BBC sessions from 1997

MMOSS: "Woolgathering" (2010)
Quilt: "Penobska Oakwalk" (2011)
Lotus Plaza: "These Years" (2009)
The Intelligence: "Males" (2010)
Headdress: "The Lost White Brother" (2009)
Allah Las: "Catamaran" (2011)
Christian Bland and The Revelators: "I See You" (2010)

Smoke and Feathers: "Blue Skies" (2010)
The Orange Revival: "Tomorrow" (2010)
Acid Baby Jesus: "Fingerpainting" (2011)
The UFO Club: "Wolfman" (2011)
A Band In Heaven: "Sleazy Dreams" (2011)
The Cush: "Vigilant Ones" (2009)
Ringo Deathstarr: "So High" (2011)

Tickets go on sale this Saturday at Noon CST. Go get 'em!!

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