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Time & Space, Once & Again

Before we get to the music... In searching for album covers, I came across this art magazine, with a Luke Insect Studio feature. Very nice images!! Possibly worth a purchase, if psych design is your thing. Like the Stussy t-shirts.

Taste the Lazer
Wow, there certainly has been a tidal wave of new releases and pre-orders of interest recently! Good news... except for my bank account.

Coming up soon March 26th - new from The Time & Space Machine (#15, 2010): Taste the Lazer, 2xLP or CD! TTASM is one of the two guys from Beyond the Wizards Sleeve (#1, 2008), and the styles are mostly similar ('60s-style freak-beat psych-rock), although BTWS focused more on re-edits of actual period tunes. Time & Space more often does original works, probably including tons of obscurish samples.

[N]orris has this to say about the lp:
i've been thinking more about how the record is going to sound live, when the five piece live time and space machine band hits gigs and festivals next year. the result is a looser, more played record, with tracks like 'black rainbow' typifying the sound - hypnotic, motorik, psychedelic grooves and sounds that will be stretched, twisted, expanded on stage.

As I understand, it will probably include "Pill Party in India" - recently released on 12”, and recently covered in this space.

Turns You On
I somehow missed last year's compilation of tracks from the vinyl-only Volume series (2008-2010, including #6, 2009). Here's a Pinpoint review, which clarifies the nature of the re-edit.

Maybe a little heavy on the least-rare Volume 3, but still fairly essential. Per Rough Trade store, the Turns You On CD (2011) includes:

1 "Fire & Ice" from Volume 3 (2010)

2 "Odyssey" (from Volume 3)

3 "Lesson One" from Volume One (2008)

4 "Elektra Rising" (from Volume 3)

And then a string of wayback classics...

5 "Psychedelic Circus" from Volume Two (2009)

6 "Amorous Ways" (from Volume One)

Heady advice!

7 "River Theme" (from Volume One)

8 "The Joys of Living Un-Hung Up" from Volume One (2008)

9 "Somebody Help Me" (from Volume 3)

10 "Through (Your Mind)" from Volume Two (2009)

Tooooo trippy.

11 "Only Dreaming" (from Volume Two)

12 "Time & Space Taxi" from Volume Two (2009)

"You're astral taxiing..." The last two embedded YouTube's were Astral home-brews, maybe obviously. I think the middle volume is probably my favorite.

13 "La La La" (from Volume Two)

14 "Cosmic Cowboy Rides Again"from Volume 3 (2010)

15 "Buffalo Roam" (from Volume One)

Yeah, somewhat mandatory I'd think! Worthwhile stuff. If you can find the Richard Norris mix for FACT Mag (2010), it contains both "Buffalo Roam" and "River Theme" (missing above) - seek it.

Woolfy vs Projections Neeve remix
Whoa, whoa, what? Did I just discover yet another TTASM collection? New Masters, Vol. 2: The Time & Space Machine (2010), technically from Richard Norris - at Amazons US & obviously UK, even on iTunes.

Not sure I can fully recommend this, but maybe some individual tracks or leads on different artists. Beyond the Wizards Sleeve's similar Re-Animations, Vol. 1 (2009) had some decent stuff, but it never became a personal favorite. So it's Time & Space Machine remixes of others' singles? Right.

But no Primal Scream? Or Tame Impala? Or even Doves? Embedding the most promising tracks, linking the rest...

1 Woolfy vs Projections – "Neeve"

Chilltrontic dance with some kinda Balearic conga action.

2 A Mountain Of One – "Bones"
Can only find a TTASM remix of "Ride"... which is kinda awesome. Not too sure about that other song.

Space - Carry On, Turn Me On (TTASM remix) by megarico

Originally from the actual late-'70s! Straight-up space-disco.

4 Visti and Meyland – "Stars"

5 Bastila – "Ghosts"

"Arguably the most important news you'll hear all week is that a band have finally gone and merged early 90s baggy with math-rock guitars and the suffocating MDMA-haze of nu-rave." Nope... for both really.

6 Yellow Moon Band – "Polaris"

Even as a big fan of the original (from #8 Release of 2009), this doesn't do a whole lot for me.

7 Psychic Sherpa – "Different Light"

This, on the other hand... I'd been waiting for news since Norris posted something from Psychic Sherpa on his SoundCloud, since removed. Once the track was deleted, I forgot the name, and now I don't know if anything else ever came of it. Quick internet search indicates that this is still all.

As the old, pre-MP3 movie quote goes, "I'd buy that for a dollar!!"

8 Sorcerer – "Chemise"

Modern space-disco. That's the original, embedded for official-video greatness. Sorcerer's official website and SoundCloud (with some free downloads)...

9 Pollyn – "This Little Night"

10 The Mummers - "March Of The Dawn"

Meh(s). I have no idea how I knew that the name Mummers was taken "from the medieval performing troupes who would go from door-to-door wearing masks and costumes, staging plays in rhyme and song and mime." (per Wikipedia)

11 City Reverb – "Ghetto Glamour"

I guess I could see myself listening to this sometimes. According to mgmt, they call it 'Robot Soul'.

That's a whole lotta time & space!

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Richard Norris said...

thanks dude. Re the 'New Masters Volume 2' comp - this certainly isn't a 'best of' my remixes, as it doesn't include many of my favorites (Tirk didn't license any from larger labels, so no Tame Impala, Doves, etc). A load of those are on my Soundcloud though. Cheers R