Sunday, April 1, 2012

Radio Control Mind Spiders

The Mind Spiders, surf-garage-punk from Ft. Worth, TX... I'm not sure why they got the second-round advance announcement along with Meat Puppets. But they do seem like a fun act to check out.

"Don't Let Her Go" from Mind Spiders LP (2011)

From the stuff I've found around, sounds like mostly high-energy no-nonsense old-school - if that rings any bells.

"Wait for Us" from Meltdown (2012)

That's some Thriller-esque video-intro there! Overall, like a mash-up of The Twilight Zone's "The Lonely" (11/13/1959) and The Flaming Lips' Christmas on Mars (2008).

"Time Sucker" from Mind Spiders 7" EP (2010)

The EP sounds promising - also with another good one, "Worlds Destroyed." Unfortunately, the vinyl's sold out at the label. I think everything so far has come out on Dirtnap Records.

Here's a recent local-ish write-up... from next-door in Dallas.

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