Saturday, October 3, 2009

Three Who Would Kraut

Like the previous 3 Who Would..., this episode brings you three different lesser-known acts in a genre: this time (neo-)Krautrock. So no Can, no Amon Duul II, no Neu! You'll be hearing a lot about Maserati here for awhile. They are the post-rock neo-krauters of the bunch. Cloudland Canyon is yet still more trancey, with more keyboard textures. Plus the non-Brooklyn half is actually from Germany. And Go-Neko! are Argentines, with an occasional mellow Latin hippy rock vibe sometimes.

Maserati (Athens, GA)
Inventions for the New Season (2007)
Also available: "12/16"

Cloudland Canyon (Brooklyn/Germany)
Lie in Light (2008)

Go-Neko! (Buenos Aires)
Una Especie de Mutante (2008)
Also available: "Mike Ontry" and lots!

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