Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Two Hunters (#7, 2007)
Wolves in the Throne Room

I think I didn't plan this out so well... Wolves in the Throne Room's Two Hunters (2007) discussed already in the inaugural Black Metal Classics post, with clips for every single song. But it had to be done!!

So, go there first. I'll just lazily post a track each off their two releases from this year. (Hey, I'm trying to finish this before November!)

First: "Ex Cathedra" from Black Cascade (2009), the better of the two albums.

Lastly: "Hate Crystal" from the 2-song EP Malevolent Grain (2009).

Still pretty cool stuff, but Two Hunters is definitely their pinnacle so far. I do like the new cover art better, though [click for lg sizes].

Black CascadeMalevolent Grain

Not quite as dark, but such is progress...

Two Hunters
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Myspace - myspace.com/wolvesinthethroneroom
Purchase - All That Is Heavy
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Genre - Transformative Black Metal
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