Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halfway Pitstop 5.5 Top Ten 2007

To avoid the deja vu of repetitive redundancy all over again, I left out my 2008 Top Ten acts from the 2007 Top Ten albums. But if not excluded for variety's sake, a few would have clearly made the cut.

Burning Off Impurities
Burning Off Impurities (2007) - Grails [#6, 2008]... Possibly #1 of 2007, and maybe Grails' best album overall - to my knowledge.

Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky (2007) - Earthless [#3, 2008]... Their album that found its way to me first. Here's a 'short' song, only eight minutes, and it's a Groundhogs cover!

George & West (2007, EPs) - Beyond the Wizards Sleeve [#1, 2008] At the risk of being redundantly redundant (see previous post), these would have to be included. Several songs not compiled on Ark.1, including the Star Trek intro/theme and "Hey Bulldog."

2000 Micrograms from Home (2007) - Dragontears [#2, 2008]... Just recently got this one. Some very cool stuff, but can't yet say it would be Top 10 material.

I still haven't made it around to these, although I'm sure they're all more than worthy of my time & money:

Buzz for Aldrin & Monclovia (2007) - The Pillbugs [#4, 2008]

Tio Bitar (2007) - Dungen [#5, 2008]

A Rather Solemn Promise (2007) - Tom Carter & Christian Kiefer [#8, 2008]

Into The Sun: Live At Burg Herzberg dvd (2007) - Space Debris [#7, 2008]... Well, I bought it, but my domestic DVD player can't handle the region.

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