Monday, October 12, 2009

Inventions for the New Season -
Maserati (#2, 2007)

"..." - Inventions

"12/16" from 10/1/09 show with Mono [Montreal]

I guess using lyrics for the introduction wasn't too swift. Maserati's all-instrumental. Those are the first two songs, and that's the band's sound: prolonged, drifting intros, upshifted to rhythmic speed, lots of chiming delay on guitars. If you like the sound (as do I), then you'll love the whole record. It moves fast from strength to strangther to strongthiest. "Kalimera" takes the intros to song-length, leading into "Synchronicity IV." And then the almost space-rock "This is a Sight We Had One Day from the High Mountain":

That cheesy running fanatic reminds me of the famously (and ridiculously) mustachioed drummer, who also played with dance-rockers !!!. His name is Gerhardt Fuchs, plus he's really super good. Especially on the album's centerpiece, "Show Me The Season," wherein they triple-time Pink Floyd's "One of These Days (I'm Going to Chop You into Little Pieces)" - perfect fit! Then the album brings you down from that high with another less-driving track and the finale, "The World Outside."

Maserati will finish opening Mono's US tour on Saturday (10/17) in Austin. They will then headline at The Mink in Houston, on Monday the 19th - with local shoegazey psych-ers Golden Cities opening! [Sunday night in San Antonio, at the Ten Eleven.]

Early this year, they split one with Zombi, MaseratibmoZ. And just recently re-released their half on Passages (2009), along with some unreleased and other rareties like a Steve Moore (Zombi) remix of "Monoliths." Here are the tracks from the OOP split-LP:


And "Join Us, Mystic Sister/No More Sages."

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