Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ultimate Destination Travel Snaps

Another Living Social/Facebook list of 5 - this time it's
"Places I Want to Visit" (unexpanded). Here we go!

Angkor Wat
1. Angkor Wat - Cambodia
Gigantic temple complex (Hindu, Buddhist) built over hundreds of years. Lots of Khmer towers, tons of intricate stonework. [Wiki]
[Music: domestic Cambodian pop, Dengue Fever]

Chichen Itza
2. Chichen Itza - Mexico
A huge Mayan capital in the Yucatan - with pyramids, temples, sports stadium, and an astronomical observatory. [Wiki]
[Music: funked Mexican hip-hop, Control Machete]

Macchu Picchu
3. Macchu Picchu - Peru
An Incan royal stronghold in the cloudy Andes mountaintops, it of course has temples and all the amenities. [Wiki]
[Music: Afro-Peruvian icons, Peru Negro]

4. Petra - Jordan
The go-to site for movies looking for iconic ancientness, it's still an entire city carved into the cliff walls over 2,000 years ago. [Wiki]
[Music: Bedouin ethnic music superstar, Omar Al-Abdallat]

The Moon
5. Lunar surface - The Moon
Yeah, I'd kind of like to go to the moon. Just get away from it all, and relax a little... It actually seems more likely than vacationing in Isfahan nowadays. [Wiki]
[Music: Iranian Depressive Black Metal leader, Aras]

Imam Mosque

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