Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Maserati at The Mink

Wow. What a great show! Alternately trance-inducing and pulse-pounding, Maserati brought it to Houston! The songs I knew were unbelievably awesome - the ones I didn't, almost as much so. I'm simultaneously pumped and drained... More later.

[The next evening...] Let me set the stage. A small clear drum set is front and center, with a line of amps across the back of the stage, everything is bathed in a blue semi-fluorescent light. Maserati take the stage and proceed to tear through a short, mind-blowing set. "No More Sages" was the jam. Then "12/16" was the jam. "Show Me The Season!" And then "Inventions" actually topped that! The closing epic "Monoliths" was the jam.

The band was just on fire, and the sound was perfect. Each guitar was panned hard to one side with the rhythm assault centered, which set up some crazy delay effects going back and forth, left and right. The drummer was jaw-droppingly good, even with my already high expectations. Both guitarists' fingers were flying around frets like crazy. After the opening acts, I was concerned about whatever was wrong with the PA system, soundman, shape of the room... But everything was clear, balanced, and sounding great for the main event. (I've been complaining a lot about live sound/mixing recently, so this quality at this show was more than welcomed.)

The only complaint I have is that there wasn't enough. Maserati had just finished touring as an opening act for Mono, and apparently they give it their all and no encores. I could have taken another hour or two of music, but maybe that's greedy. Just a few more notes, because I don't know so many ways to say "so awesome."

First up, the crowd could not have been more different than the crew of loud jackasses that showed up for Mono. One guy bobbed in front of me at one point and then apologized, saying he was looking for a place where his height wouldn't cause a problem. Impressed by this basic level of consideration, I told him to go ahead and stay put. Before the show, the drummer ("Jerry") came up to the person in front of me, and remembered that she was in Sharks & Sailors and had previously opened for them. How nice is that?! He was also able to tell me the cool synth music playing before their set was the band (not the man) Jonas Reinhardt.

Now I wish I'd gone to the final Mono/Maserati show in Austin on Saturday - but I did get the poster! Which is not the one above... The opening acts here included shoegaze-psych Golden Cities, who were better (and louder) live than on their cd. Their drummer was unpredictably impressive as well - and they had bongos but no bass. And first up: Passengers, who are an okay BJTM/Warlocks/BRMC type garage band.

Also, I was previously unfair to the Maserati drummer's mustache. It wasn't at all ridiculous, but crisp and clean and suitable for a normal adult.

[Edit, 10/23: Austin/Mohawk one up at Gig Posters!]


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