Saturday, October 31, 2009


Know what's great? Chic-A-Go-Go!! The dance show for kids (of all ages), on Chicago cable access tv. Here's my top 10 videos from their extensive collection.

1. The Flying Luttenbachers on Halloween!

2. Neil Hamburger

3. Mainliner (Acid Mothers Temple)

4. Tortoise

5. Neko Case (as Wanda Jackson)

6. Guitar Wolf (interview & video)

7. Sonic Youth (Steve inteview & in-studio dance)

8. Jesus Lizard (Yow interview & El Train)

9. OK Go (with NPR All-Stars backing band)
Kinda reminds me of Pearland's The Judys...

10. The Residents video segment by Lil' Ratso!

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