Thursday, October 29, 2009

Limited Editions of 200!

Thrill! To a dark vision of something grainy!
Witness! My terrible photography "skills!"
Check Out! The two ltd-ed releases I got this week!!

Etching not visible...
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First up is the new solo effort from A.E. Paterra (drummer for Zombi), as Majeure: Timespan (2009). Pitchfork has one track up for the streaming/download. Two slabs o' vinyl, three songs (with full mp3 download)! The fourth side has an etching similar to the inside of the gatefold cover. The 2xLP record itself isn't limited, but the sky blue-white-navy splatter vinyl is!

Sides 1 and 3Sides 1 and 3

Sides 2 and 4Sides 2 and 4

Inner GatefoldInner Gatefold, with bonus shadow!

Order up! [$12]


I also got Austin post-rockers The Calm Blue Sea's 2xCD score for Fritz Lang's silent Die Nibelungen: Siegfried (1923). Full title is... Siegfried: An Original Score by The Calm Blue Sea (2009). You can check out the whole thing, with film, at this YouTube playlist! Also limited to 200 copies, this is packaged in recycled card stock, and all the artwork appears hand-stamped in black ink.

Front, bound in twine

Back of package

Order up! [$15]

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