Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hypnoticon and The Ltd. Ed. Frenzy

So, listening to weirdo music frequently involves a race to buy the inexorable limited edition records before they're all gone. The internet helps and hurts. And I'm not even into the bizarro cassette micro-release scene, which goes to extremes in this regard.

In the time I failed to put together videos for the original album that inspired this post, it has sold out. A second, even more recent release sold out on Boomkat in one day. So, this post might not provide much current opportunity, but I'll try to make it a series of alerts on anything relevant that might be going, going, gone.

Hypnoticon EP
The brand new Hypnoticon 12” EP (300 copies), from Teeth of the Sea (#9, 2009) was the one that sold out at Boomkat. Looks like Norman Records is still stocking it (for now). Act fast - it includes a Queen cover from the Flash Gordon soundtrack (1980)!

You can buy the mp3's at Amazon. Or at Lala, which already has it up for your streaming pleasure.

Stone Circle
The originator for this post was only 100 copies total, now sold out... in the time I was trying to make a couple of videos (maybe later). I was intrigued by a statement in Foxy Digitalis' 2009 round-up: "Wood-land’s Stone Circle is by far the best psych album out this year." I saw the label still had some selling on their site and jumped in with both feet.

"This Is Our Richness" from Stone Circle (2009)

While putting this together, I actually found Foxy D's original 10/10 review. I don't know about the best psych album of 2009, but it's definitely very cool. Spooky and mystical, rustic and apparently Christian (John 14:27). You can hear more of the album's tracks at the Woodlandwoodworks Myspace page. But you can't buy the cd...

Fever Dream EP
What else? Well, Steve Moore (of Zombi) has a new Fever Dream 10” EP out (500 copies). The label (Mexican Summer) looks sold out, but his own personal store seems to still have copies. You can also hear the B-side, "30,000 Feet Deep," at his Myspace page.

Infinite Macrocosm bonus CD
And finally, another 10/10 review from Foxy Digitalis lead me to check out Expo '70's psych dronescapes. The special 2xCD edition of Sonic Messenger (400 copies) looks pretty sweet. And at this point, you can still buy it from the record company, Beta-Lactam Ring.

You also might consider purchasing the "MOM" compilation - with proceeds going to the label owner's mom, who is fighting stomach cancer. For obvious reasons, but it also features: Expo '70, Nadja, Nurse With Wound, Legendary Pink Dots, Volcano the Bear, and Armchair Migraine Journey (mentioned purely for their awesome name).

Well, that wasn't entirely drone.

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