Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jam for Jerry

Looking at Pitchfork's Top 100 Tracks of 2011, I do believe I might be out of touch... with something. I haven't even heard of a bunch of these artists, much less their music.

"Jam for Jerry" by Holy Ghost!, from (2011)

But there at #70 is something about Jerry Fuchs, Maserati's late great drummer. From DFA band Holy Ghost! Fuchs was kind of a house drummer for the label, and was probably bros with these guys. I don't know nuthin'.

I was going to post some other stuff that I don't know - but I didn't find anything worth it fast enough. Sheesh... cranky old man!

Holy Ghost!

Here's an XLR8R interview I found. Now get off my lawn!!
So, when you record live drums, are you good enough drummers to record it in or do you have to quantize the tracks?

Alex Frankel: [Nick's] a really good drummer. He has a great touch. But we also had the pleasure of working with Jerry Fuchs—who played with Juan Maclean and !!!—and is basically the best drummer on earth.

Nick Millhiser: Flawless timing.

AF: Yeah, like when you look at him on a grid, there's barely any quantization needed. It's scary.

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