Thursday, December 1, 2011

Botany Lesson, Part 2

Before December had even begun, Pitchfork's Show No Mercy column was grabbing the year-end pole position with its Top 40 Metal Albums of 2011 list.

Botanist I & II
Some favored acts on there (#37 & #6, #17, and #1) - and several others for exploring. But this really grabbed my attention:
-- Another album that deserves it's own honorable mention is Botanist's I: The Suicide Tree / II: A Rose from the Dead, an "eco-terrorist black metal" project using...
Well, there's no substitute for direct experience.

"Abrus Precatorius" by Botanist, from II: A Rose from the Dead (2011)

That's right. "... using voice/drums/dulcimer on tracks about plants & flowers. Truly weird, engrossing stuff..."

"Helleborus Niger" by Botanist, from I: The Suicide Tree (2011)

On the tUMULt label, mail order from Aquarius Records.

Artist website!! (.mp3's under Discography, if interested...) And also a LORE page. Wow.

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