Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Lunacy Which I Will Purchase

It's like some kind of Pavlovian response. Whenever I read at Boomkat, stuff like "lavish quad-gatefold book style cover," "Each part pressed up on different coloured vinyl," "limited to 1000 copies only," "the majority of the tracks... will not be available anywhere else," and "Brand new material from Demdike Stare" (#8, 2010),
I just cannot resist.

And O by the way, this release consists of Parts 1 & 2 of Elemental, a new 4-part series of LP's: Chrysanthe and Violetta. The quadruple-gatefold is designed to also house Parts 3 & 4, out next year: Rose and Iris. So what if it's over $50?!

Look for some streaming audio in this space sometime in the future.

Elemental 4xLP

Don't bother buying me one for Christmas, though - it's already ordered! (But you can get one for yourself from here, while supplies last...)

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