Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shea Stadium, the radium...

I put some of this stuff on a recent Facebook catch-up post: Barn Owl and Woodsman - so definitely check those out first. (Actually, I noticed they've just Saturday put up 4 parts of Woodsman from 11/19/2011!!)

But still no Fresh Millions (#38, 2010) show from 10/19...
[check again?]

Shea Stadium-Brooklyn
But now we're going to talk about Live at Shea Stadium in general. Seems like it's a live club/recording studio (in Brooklyn, not Queens) - so they tape bands that play there. Not all of them make it to the internet, but lots do.

Steve Moore - Live @ Shea Stadium by LiveatSheaStadium

The page for Steve Moore (of Zombi) goes to the wrong Soundcloud set. So, listen to it out here. This kind of thing happens quite a bit, so if you can't immediately find something you want, just try a little harder!

Steve Moore
From the Archives... (I think I'll just go alphabetically, and put some genre tag descriptions.) O yeah, and even though Altered Zones is defunct, I recognize a lot of these from there - so 1 extra link (each).

Amen Dunes
Amen Dunes: L@SS, x2 dates - reverberation songcraft:

More about Amen Dunes at Altered Zones.


Bass Drum of Death
Bass Drum of Death: L@SS, 4/23/2011 (full set) - nugget-y garage mess:

More on Bass Drum of Death at Altered Zones.


Burning Star Core
Burning Star Core: L@SS, 7/22/2011 - ambient fiddle loops:

More Burning Star Core at Altered Zones.


Co La
Co La: L@SS, 8/2/2011 (full set) - New-Anything Bass Music:

Mo' Co La at Altered Zones.


Ducktails: L@SS, x2 dates - guitar pop:

More on Ducktails at Altered Zones.


James Ferraro
James Ferraro: L@SS, x2 dates (downloadable) - NÜ-waves:

More about James Ferraro at Altered Zones.


Fresh & Onlys
Fresh & Onlys: L@SS, 11/3/2010 - the new, new jangle tunes:

More Fresh & more Onlys at Altered Zones.


Ga'an: L@SS, 5/20/2011 (1 song) - neo-Zeuhl:

More Ga'an at Altered Zones.


Hubble: L@SS, x2 dates - ambient guitar drone:

More about NASA vid project & about Hubble at Altered Zones.


Lichens: L@SS, 9/15/2010 (1 song) - electronics drone:

More at Altered Zones.


Liturgy: L@SS, 7/4/2011 - "Trancendental Black Metal":

More on Liturgy at Altered Zones.


MV+EE: L@SS, 7/24/2010 (full set) - acoustics drone:

More coverage of Matt Valentine & Erika Elder at Altered Zones.


Noveller: L@SS, 7/11/2011 (full set) - organics drone:
(5 new parts from 11/12 show added just Saturday!

More Noveller at Altered Zones.


Real Estate
Real Estate: L@SS, 8/14/2010 (1 song) - more guitar pop:

More on Real Estate at Altered Zones.


Suuns: L@SS, 1/26/2010 (1 full set) - Québécois post-punk:

More from Suuns at Altered Zones.


Woven Bones
Woven Bones: L@SS, 10/21/2010 - Rock-n-Stooge:

More about Woven Bones at Altered Zones.


Young Prisms
Young Prisms: L@SS, 10/21/2011 (full set) - shoegaze:

More Young Prisms stuff at Altered Zones.


Zs: L@SS, 10/1/2011
Zs (Black Crown Ceremony) L@SS, 6/15/11 - noise-jazz:

Zs reviews NOT at Altered Zones.

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