Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wha'd I Miss?

I must admit to feeling a little ambivalent about this year's listification. As much good music as I did hear, it seems I missed twice as much "known unknowns." Stuff that I feel like would have been on the list somewhere, but I just never got around to it...

"Replica" by Oneohtrix Point Never, from Replica (2011)

Like the new material out from the Emeralds camp. I got the Mark McGuire retrospective, but not Get Lost, nor Steve Hauschildt's Tragedy & Geometry. Nor even this year's Oneohtrix Point Never...

"Firefly Constellations" by Mark McGuire, from Get Lost (2011)

I also fully intended to pick up the new one from Charalambides, Exile, but other stuff got in the way. Soon.

"Saturn Missile Battery" by Tia Carrera, from Cosmic Priestess (2011)

The Tia Carrera released Cosmic Priestess this year, and I only found out about it yesterday! Also, Tombs' Path of Totality sounds very intriguing, but mainly from it's omnipresence on this last months' worth of lists.

"Violetta" by Demdike Stare, from Elemental 2: Violetta (2011)

Although I've received the first two installments of Demdike Stare's Elemental series, they arrived too late for me to digest in time for the year-end festivities.

"Baby Missiles" by The War on Drugs, from Slave Ambient (2011)

I don't know what to think about a new Kate Bush album getting respect. And how's Slave Ambient supposed to be?

"Wild Man" by Kate Bush, from 50 Words for Snow (2011)

Cosmic Priestess

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