Monday, December 12, 2011

Claw Tunnel Giant Mind

Tunnel Mind
The recent Blut Aus Nord post reminded me of the whole "great Cover Art" tag, and then the cover art for Tunnel Mind just recently caught my eye, over at Altered Zones. Serendipity!

Several Giant Claw albums available (name-yer-price) over at Bandcamp. I'd never even heard of them...

"Little Science" by Giant Claw, from Tunnel Mind (2011)

This song available as download at the Altered Zones link above, if you like it.

"Paper Moon no. 2" with music by Giant Claw

One of a few "Paper Moon" Giant Claw/Stan Brakhage combinations on YouTube. (Some are definitely ***NSFW***.)

Read more about Brakhage, "Unquestionably the most important living [in 2002] avant-garde filmmaker."

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