Friday, December 9, 2011

Twice More through the Robedoor

Ordered and awaiting the new LP from Robedoor (#18, 2010)!

"(In the) Cybershade/Universal Migration" by Robedoor, from Too Down to Die (2011)

As always, it's some kinda long-form, slow-burn drone-out. So far, so good on this one...

It's from a year ago, but you can still download a live version of "Parallel Wanderer" from WFMU. Part of a 3-song in-studio recording, so click to here: Robedoor Live at WFMU, 11/3/2010!
Then again, Robedoor's ability to touch on a hundred genres at one is probably because Robedoor members are so involved with underground noise culture. Britt Brown runs Not Not Fun records, which has released a ton of material from many perennial WFMU favorites. I'd explain more, but there really aren't words. I'd recommend blasting this live session over your best sound system while nerding out to lists of releases from Not Not Fun and Robedoor on discogs.

"Wake of the Mythmaker" by Robedoor, from Rock Bottom (2011)

And of course, I didn't even know they had another new cassette out this year as well. Robedoor in a grain silo? And there's another similar tune.

Too Down to Die
Now I gotta find a tape deck somehow!

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