Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shawn Lee Funk-in the World

Shawn Lee
Next alphabetically - after World of Echo - would be World of Funk (2011), from former year-end winner Shawn Lee (#1, 2009) and his Ping Pong Orchestra. Given his productivity, Lee might have put out 2 or 3 records since I started this post.

World of Funk YouTube promo video

Wow, this album commercial on YouTube thing is blowin' up!

Shawn Lee always seems to work with an army of collaborators, so I'm just going to drop some biographical science for these tunes...

"Ethio" [feat. Michael Leonhart]

Michael Leonhart info from Wikipedia:
a noted trumpet player, producer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and singer-songwriter. He has performed with such diverse artists as Steely Dan, Yoko Ono, Bobby McFerrin, and Mos Def.

"Cairo Cairo" [feat. Natacha Atlas]

Natacha Atlas info from Wikipedia:
a Belgian singer known for her fusion of Arabic and Western electronic music, particularly hip-hop. She once termed her music "cha'abi moderne" (modern popular music). Her music has been influenced by many styles including Arabic, hip hop, drum 'n' bass and reggae.

"Iceberg" [feat. Elliot Bergman]

According to Wikipedia, Elliot Bergman:
[plays] saxophone, percussion, electric mbira, and electric sawblade gamelan [for] NOMO, a big melting pot of ideas and influences.

"Accelerate" by Shawn Lee, from World of Funk (2011)

The occasional non-collaborative track that dots every Shawn Lee album. Kinda reminds me of the Fascinating Fingers (2009) style - with Clutchy.

"Ghost in the Rain" [feat. Clutchy Hopkins & Chhom Nimol]

Clutchy Hopkins info from Wikipedia:
purportedly a multi-instrumentalist musician based out of California. His existence has not yet been fully verified, though he is widely believed to be a pseudonym for one of several popular DJs. The true identity of the person (or people) behind the music is not publicly known.

According to Wikipedia, Chhom Nimol is:
lead singer [for] Dengue Fever, a six-member band from Los Angeles who combine Cambodian pop music and lyrics with psychedelic rock.

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