Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Countdown for 2012 Already

Already big news on the next-year horizon!

Belbury Tales
According to The Belbury Parish Magazine blog, a new full-length album The Belbury Tales in February from Belbury Poly (#4 of 2004, #17 of 2009, and a big part of last year's #9).

Along with this:

The 7th programme of Radio Belbury, with upcoming preview tracks starting at ~6m00s. And also a tune from Zombi's (co-#2, 2009) latest album Escape Velocity (2011), at ~22m00s.

More big news! Each member of Zombi, Steve Moore and Majeure (co-#23, 2010) will split an upcoming LP.

Brainstorm split
Word says January on Temporary Residence Ltd, per the Tumblr of Steve Moore 2600... (see Thom Yorke spinning SM2600!) Good news all the way around, says I.

Free download preview of Moore's "Enhanced Humanoid" from 20 Jazz Funk Greats, which is worth keeping up with.

You can check out the preview track here too:

Enhanced Humanoid by steve moore

Also really digging both album covers! Right??

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