Sunday, November 27, 2011

Current & Former Locals

LP4 @ Rudz
If you've been following the Linus Pauling Quartet blog, you'll know that this Friday is no longer a record release gig, because Bag of Hammers has been pushed back. (2012?) But the show must go on!

"Alien Abduction [live 2006]" from The Proletariat, Houston, TX

Recently-posted, early/fast live version [studio 2007] - at the now-defunct Prole.

"Monster" by The Linus Pauling Quartet, from ST-37 split 7" (2010)

They'll be playing this one, some of the more recent 'mature' tunes, and I'm sure also some of the upcoming nerdgasmic anthems - like "Crom," "Saving Throw," etc. Although...
What are you planning for Saturday December 3rd? Well, fuck if I know but it’s probably bullshit!

…but I’ll tell you what you need to do that night – go to fucking Rudyard’s that’s what!
Who is playing you ask? Goddamn Linus Pauling Quartet, that’s who!

Here's the easiest-to-find links of the other two bands: Defending the Kingdom, Dead Mineral. (free & cheap Bandcamps!)

And then former Houstonians, Tom and Christina Carter - guitarist of The Mike Gunn (#5, 1993) and Sound Exchange clerk extraordinaire, respectively.

"Desecrated" by Charalambides, from Exile (2011)

New album out very recently, and it sounds like a good introduction for anyone not yet on the band's wagon. But you probably need some avant-drone tendencies already.

"Into the Earth" by Charalambides, from Exile (2011)

... stuff like that.

"Before You Go" by Charalambides, from Exile (2011)

This sounds like a good one for the vinyl! Out now on Kranky.

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