Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top 10 Releases of 2009!!!

A true countdown for the current year! This, the Top 10 records list, will sit at the top (as 12/31) all month. And I'll be counting up from #10 to #1, and adding them as I post each full write-up. The album title link will take you directly there. Most recent post overall should be directly below with normal date-stamp, etc...

And there will be much more year-end wrap-up listifying throughout December. Enjoy!!

The Next 10 of Metal 2009 is posted.

The Next 10 of Non-Metal 2009 is posted.

The Top 10 Live Shows of 2009 has been posted.

[Edit, 01/29/2010: Check it out!]

#1 Shawn Lee Presents Soul in the Hole

Shawn Lee Presents
No~Videos~At~All from Soul in the Hole (2009)

Official -
Myspace -
Purchase - Ubiquity Records
iTunes - Shawn Lee
Lala - Soul in the Hole

Genre - Soul
Location - London, U.K.
Review - Pop Matters

#2 MaseratibmoZ split, etc... - Maserati and Zombi

"Monoliths" from split and Passages (2009)
"Spirit Warrior" from Spirit Animal (2009)

Official - Maserati / Zombi
Myspace - Maserati / Zombi / Majeure
Purchase - Zombi: Relapse Records
Maserati/Majeure: Temporary Residence
iTunes - Maserati / Zombi / Majeure
Lala - Passages / Spirit Animal / Timespan

Genre - You got your Post-Rock in my Synth-Prog!
Location - Athens, GA vs. Chicago, IL
Review - Zombi: Rock Freaks
Maserati: Strange Glue
Majeure: The Needle Drop blog

#3 Wavering Radiant - Isis

Wavering Radiant
"Ghost Key" from Wavering Radiant (2009)

Official -
Myspace -
Purchase - Relapse Records
iTunes - Isis
Lala - Wavering Radiant

Genre - Thinking Man's Metal
Location - Los Angeles, CA
Review - Metal Sucks

#4 Hymn to the Immortal Wind - Mono

Hymn to the Immortal Wind
"Ashes in the Snow" from Hymn to the Immortal Wind (2009)

Official -
Myspace -
Purchase - Temporary Residence Ltd.
iTunes - Mono
Lala - Hymn to the Immortal Wind

Genre - Cinematic Heartstring Post-Rock
Location - Tokyo, Japan
Review - The Antiquiet

#5 In A Dark Tongue - Harvestman

In A Dark Tongue
"Headless Staves of Poets" from In A Dark Tongue (2009)

Official -
Myspace -
Purchase - Neurot Recordings
iTunes - Harvestman

Genre - Mystical Pagan Dark Ambient
Location - Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
Review - Stoner Rock

#6 "Children of the Sun" 7" plus 2xEP's- The Time & Space Machine

Children of the Sun
"Psychedelic Circus" from Volume Two (2009)

Official -
Myspace -
Purchase - Turntable Lab
iTunes - The Time & Space Machine
Lala - "Children of the Sun" 7"

Genre - Psychedelic/Psychedelic/Psychedelic
Location - London, England
Review - Fly Global Music

#7 Blue Record - Baroness

Blue Record
"Jake Leg" from Blue Record (2009)

Official/Myspace -
Purchase - Relapse Records
iTunes - Baroness
Lala - Blue Record

Genre - New Wave of Southern Boogie Stoner Prog Metal
Location - Savannah, GA
Review - Dusted Magazine

#8 Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World -
The Yellow Moon Band

Travels into Several Remote Nations
"Polaris / Chimney" from Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World (2009)

Official -
Myspace -
Purchase - Boomkat (UK)
iTunes - The Yellow Moon Band
Lala - Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World

Genre - Groovy Jams for Psych Folk
Location - Britain
Review - Tuned Into Music

#9 Orphaned by the Ocean - Teeth of the Sea

Orphaned by the Ocean
"Swear Blind the Alsatian's Melting" from Orphaned by the Ocean (2009)

Official/Myspace -
Purchase - Boomkat (UK)
iTunes - Teeth of the Sea
Lala - Orphaned by the Ocean

Genre - Soundtrack Jazz and Noise Ambience
Location - The U.K.
Review - Ptolemaic Terrascope

#10 RTZ and Luminous Night - Six Organs of Admittance

"Anesthesia" from Luminous Night (2009)

Official -
Myspace -
Purchase - Drag City Records
iTunes - Six Organs of Admittance

Genre - Electro/Acoustic Freak-Folk Explorations
Location - West Coast, USA
Reviews - RTZ: No Ripcord
Luminous Night: Drowned in Sound

Luminous Night


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